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Due to rapid growth of IoT demands, SillyCube decides to offer one-stop solution for IoT applications from mobile apps development, web control system, firmware development to hardware sourcing. With extensive experience in Near Field Communication (NFC), Barcodes, QR codes, RFID, Audio data transfer and numerous other new emerging technologies, SillyCube can help you to develop smart objects linking to a mobile app and website.

If you are considering to adopt IoT to (1) improve your operation efficiency for mobile objects, (2) develop smart consumer electronics, (3) develop new hardware product interacting with PC / mobile apps / website, please feel free to contact SillyCube

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Feb 28

iBeacon is an indoor positioning system that Apple Inc. calls “a new class of low-powered, low-cost transmitters that can notify nearby iOS 7 devices of their presence.” They can also be used by the Android operating system (limited to central-only). The technology enables an iOS device or other hardware to send push notifications to iOS devices in close proximity.

iBeacon hardware developed by 3rd party Estimote

Currently retailers will develop their own mobile app to spread marketing messages across audiences who installed the app. The drawback is receivers often ignoring non-relevant messages. With iBeacon retailers and marketers can tailor their push notifications to certain audiences, and not just broadcast a single message to everyone who has the app. For example when your previous customers are shopping at a certain area like lingeries in your store. You can immediately “shoot” customized promotional messages that are relevant to receivers’ interests. It has definitely opened a door to real-time, targeting marketing tactics for retailers together with existing mobile marketing strategy.

So far we’ve seen the iBeacon technology used in several retail environments including the Apple Store and Macy’s, as well as during events like CES and MLB games. As Hong Kong is one of the largest retail city in the world, SillyCube is looking forward to see indoor positioning technology adopted by Hong Kong retailers.



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