8 Humble “NO” from a Software Developer

  1. No Draft Design Free of Charge

    Sorry, I need to buy a lunch box. I am not a volunteer.

  2. No Meeting on the Day

    You have your calendar. I also have mine. If you want me to give you professional opinion, you need to prepare professional project information before meeting. If you don’t know what you want, I don’t know what you want either.

  3. No Research Proposal

    I am not a research analyst. You give me project information, I will see if it’s suitable to proceed. I am NOT responsible to see if your project is business-viable.

  4. No Reply without your background or contact information

    It is scary to work with an anonymous. I suppose I should work with someone who is trustworthy. I don’t have time and money to hire a debt collector or go to the court. No contract will be signed if you are not reliable. I am sure you don’t want to work with a developer with no background information.

  5. No Quotation Without Your Input

    If you don’t give me your project information, I don’t know how complicated your project is. “Come on, it’s simple!” If you think it’s simple, you can work on it instead. Because I think it may be difficult.

  6. No Extra Work Without Compensation

    You order a Thai massage, I give you a Thai massage. An additional Chinese massage? Additional fee for sure. “But IT project is different! I can’t estimate it at the beginning”. Why should I fully responsible for under-estimation? It’s completely my mistake?

  7. No Work Started Without Your Confirmation

    If you can’t make up your mind, I can’t make up your mind either. You can think about it, but I will go to work for other stuffs and come back later.

  8. No, it’s not a New Idea

    I have seen the idea many times. Here’s Hong Kong and you’re no Steve. Occasionally some companies will consult me for crazy ideas like self-driving grass cutter machine, remote firework igniter, security center with 5 factors authentication. But we don’t have the intention to “steal” your idea. We are software developers but not idea thieves.

At the mean time, I would thank my previous and existing customers. I just tried to think different when I started the company. But you’re the stars to act different.