Android Game, Color Link has been launched by SillyCube! The colorful puzzle game that give your brain a breeze!

Hong Kong (13/7/2011) SillyCube Technology Ltd has launched an Android game, Color Link. In this game users will try to solve the puzzle. “The game play is simple but entertaining.” commented by Benny Chan, Co-founder of SillyCube. Users will swap between 2 blocks of same shape to collect 4 same-color blocks. It will collapse when 4 blocks are met.

Compared with ordinary Jewel style game, players will not swap between adjacent blocks. Color Link offers a new way for users to master it. 5 modes will be included in the games, Bomb, Time, Bone, Collect and Endless mode. Give your brain a breeze now!

Bomb mode:
Solve the puzzle with the count down of color bomb.

Time mode:
Solve the puzzle within time limit.

Bone mode:
Explode bone at the bottom of the stage.

Collect mode:
Collect specific amount of color blocks before the time runs out.

Endless mode:
Endless puzzle challenge.

In the free version, there will be a time limit of 5 minutes for each game.

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What players said

“Color Link is a pretty cool game”
– market4android (origin: )

“I like how it is based on shapes and colors…”
kballard  ( origin: )

About SillyCube
Founded in 2009 and Located in Hong Kong, SillyCube Technology Ltd is one of the few companies offering a mulitplayer game environment on Android. For more information, please visit or contact Benny Chan at [email protected].

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