Howdycard: What’s next in 2010!

In 2010, we will continue to add new features to New features will be mainly separated into social integration and new system functions. Below is our feature list:

  1. Publish ecard to Facebook.
    User can instantly “paste” their 3D ecards to Facebook and share with their friends.
  2. Login via Twitter/Facebook
    To simplify registration process, we will allow sign on from Twitter / Facebook. After then user won’t need to fill in the boring form again.
  3. Comments on howdycard
    User can give rating and comment on other ecards.
  4. Upload 3D models to howdycard
    We will allow users to upload custom 3D models for their use on howdycard. The 3D models made by us are mainly low-polygon models like those used in online game.  File format will be in dae.

These are the main updates in the future.

What features do you want? Tell Us!!! We welcome your opinion!

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