Category Archives: Update is updated! (r01022010-003)

1. New Feature

1.1 Advertisement system with click and view counting
1.2 Guests can use ecard editor without login(register or login
dialog prompt when saving or publishing)
1.3 Request new 3d models form
1.4 Upload new 3d models by member
1.5 Upload tutorial
1.6 View member’s uploaded model in profile

2. Updated Features

2.1 Change website language by checking against client’s browser language at the first time visit
2.2 16 cards displayed in all ecards page
2.3 Save search item keywords when editing card, dynamically show hot-tags with real user data is updated! (r22012010-002) is updated! Below are the issues updated. Please keep on watching us for new features!

1. Only ecards with Chinese name will be displayed in home page

2. Date reminder. Email with be sent 1-2 day to remind members before the event date

3. Members can upload their own background images when editing cards

4. Changed the url for “All Card”

5. Ecard can be rated and made comment now

6. Advertisements area can beĀ  purchased now

7. Added link exchange page

8. Added business ecard service page

9. image “alt” attribute is changed

10. Ecard image src is changed to /ecard/…..png

11. User Interface is updated

12. Reply ecard function (in display card and member panel)

13. Ecard can be posted in other websites like blog is updated! (r30122009-001) is updated! Below are the issues updated. Please keep on watching us for new features!

1. Updated items:
1.1 Language selection method
1.2 Confirm message after registered successfully
1.3 Howdycard Designer Interface is updated

2. New items:
2.1 Chinese and English version separation
2.2 Warning message to schedule update (count down timer)
2.3 Home page welcome message.(Welcome to – the new
generation of e-Card…)
2.4 Category links on “Home” navigation menu
2.5 Member trial period after registration
2.6 Resend activation email (after trial peroid expired)
2.7 Added category icon in search page
2.8 Customized 404, 500, 503 error page

3. Fixed items:
3.1 Favorite card – ordered by send record
3.2 Reset button in send card page

4. Reserved items:
4.1 Show sample card in home page
4.2 demo page