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SocialPort Landing Page

SocialPort new website and Basic plan have launched!

The Pain Point

Last year, we launched the Terminal app to enhance sharing URLs on Facebook. This was because we found that many Shopify store owners are not good at editing code snippet in the theme. We are looking for an easier solution than our existing one and it can serve a broader audience.

We have been testing Terminal app for more than a year. Many users will regularly visit again and generate more links. Though we didn’t spend a lot of time in promotions, we found that some users loved our app. They have uploaded more than 300MB of share images into our server.

Unfortunately, Facebook seemed to ban the way we share on the platform. At the same time, Facebook has tightened the editing of link preview image since July 2017.  Therefore, we decided to completely revamp our tool for our users, a new version with a different way to work on Facebook.

We believe that the tool can be useful in addition to online store owners. Social media managers and publishers can also use our tool to improve their works.

The Solution and How It Works is a simple web app to generate a short link for sharing, just like any URL shortener you’re using. You don’t need to install, register or configure anything. The main difference is that we provide more functions for social media marketing.

How it works:
a. Fill in the form with your share info. Click Submit.
b. Get the generated short link.
c. Copy and Share on Facebook or Twitter.

Please refer to the demo video below:

Our Vision

More Reliable

To act as the bridge between social media and visitors, we will continue to improve our service stability. In the last update, we have migrated our web server to Nginx in order to serve more concurrent requests. It’s just the first step of our service stability improvement.

More Effective

More effective in terms of marketing. URL shorteners have been widely used on social media or email marketing campaign for a long time. But it only serves as the redirecting service. When is going to discontinue on 30th March 2019, there are definitely more rooms to develop URL shortener as a better tool.

More Secure

URL shorteners have always been linking with spam, link baits, phishing or other illegal activities. Corporates can never accept their brands to be “polluted”. Our upcoming feature route map will be launching plans with custom domains. We cannot tolerate SocialPort to be manipulated as a tool to spread illegal activities.

More features will be coming for SocialPort users.

Good Technology

Finally, with our good technology, we hope our users can take a REST in their busy work.

More Info

For more info, please visit SocialPort product website to understand more.


For inquiry, please send your inquiry via socialport[@]

On-demand Product Manager

Announcing the On-demand Product Manager

On-demand Product Manager (“On-demand PM”) provides a professional technology advising service at a flexible cost.

SillyCube On-demand PM is the digital product manager for your company. The service is designed to help enterprises accelerate the process to explore new digital opportunities. In particular, the service will help customers to:

Define Product Strategy:

  1. Define scope of work for the initial prototype in a product specification
  2. Conduct technical feasibility research
  3. Evaluate vendors & execution management
  4. Quality assurance
  5. Planning on Go-to-market strategy and follow-up growth strategy
  6. Project hand over to new team

Optimize Existing Products:

  1. Conversion Optimization
  2. UX / UI Redesign
  3. Growth Strategy Planning
  4. User Behavior Study

It gives enterprises access to the professional, reliable, fast methodology to executive digital projects that technology startups have been adopting to capture market opportunities on their own. The service aims to maximize benefits of lean product development and to pass those benefits onto enterprises.

For more information, please contact to know more about our service.

New Product: CoWork MobDesk


Cowork MobDesk offers a set of Mobile SDK to busy developers. With few lines of codes, you can easily integrate live chat, FAQ, interactive menu features into your mobile apps. A web panel will be provided to your customer support staffs to communicate with mobile app users. The solution is useful to various industries like banking, telecom, game developers, e-commerce, O2O service providers like Uber / Airbnb, etc.

Please check the product website for more info or contact our sales team via