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On-demand Product Manager

Announcing the On-demand Product Manager

On-demand Product Manager (“On-demand PM”) provides a professional technology advising service at a flexible cost.

SillyCube On-demand PM is the digital product manager for your company. The service is designed to help enterprises accelerate the process to explore new digital opportunities. In particular, the service will help customers to:

Define Product Strategy:

  1. Define scope of work for the initial prototype in a product specification
  2. Conduct technical feasibility research
  3. Evaluate vendors & execution management
  4. Quality assurance
  5. Planning on Go-to-market strategy and follow-up growth strategy
  6. Project hand over to new team

Optimize Existing Products:

  1. Conversion Optimization
  2. UX / UI Redesign
  3. Growth Strategy Planning
  4. User Behavior Study

It gives enterprises access to the professional, reliable, fast methodology to executive digital projects that technology startups have been adopting to capture market opportunities on their own. The service aims to maximize benefits of lean product development and to pass those benefits onto enterprises.

For more information, please contact to know more about our service.

New Product: CoWork MobDesk


Cowork MobDesk offers a set of Mobile SDK to busy developers. With few lines of codes, you can easily integrate live chat, FAQ, interactive menu features into your mobile apps. A web panel will be provided to your customer support staffs to communicate with mobile app users. The solution is useful to various industries like banking, telecom, game developers, e-commerce, O2O service providers like Uber / Airbnb, etc.

Please check the product website for more info or contact our sales team via

New Product: CoWork CRM

CoWork CRM is the mobile-first CRM built for sales professionals. Users can use CoWork mobile app to follow through customers any time anywhere, leading to a faster customer response rate. Deal closing rate can be increased with higher customer satisfaction. The product will be expected to launch before Q1 2015.

Interested parties are welcomed to register private Beta trial in our product website:

For any inquires please feel free to contact us at info[a]

CoWork CRM - Mobile-first Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Sales Professionals

CoWork CRM is proudly designed and developed by SillyCube Technology Ltd.