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Android Game, Paper War for 2 players launched by SillyCube! The interactive game between 2 players on the device.

Press Release

Android Game, Paper War for 2 players launched by SillyCube! The interactive game between 2 players on the device.
Hong Kong (16 May 2011) – SillyCube Technology Ltd has launched an Android game, Paper War for 2 players. The game will be a battle between players. There are 3 game modes. Shoot mode, cannon mode and tap mode.

Shoot mode:
User will challenge his friend with the cannon his side. Shoot the same color of items to get more points. Points will be deducted when shot the wrong color’s item. Winner will be the one who first get 100 points.

Tap mode:
Tap the same color of ships to gain points. First meet 100 points wins.

Cannon mode:
Two cannons will attack each other with parabolic bullets. First meet 100 points wins.

Pricing and Availability
Users can find the game in Android Market, the game is free of charge.

Useful Links
Other Apps on Android Market: https://market.android.com/search?q=sillycube

About SillyCube
Founded in 2009 and Located in Hong Kong, SillyCube Technology Ltd is one of the few companies offering a mulitplayer game environment on Android. For more information, please visit www.sillycube.com or contact Benny Chan at info@sillycube.com.

Join the company on Facebook at www.facebook.com/SillyCube or follow the company on Twitter at http://twitter.com/sillycube

Press Release – Android game, Football Rush

Hong Kong (18 Jan 2011) – SillyCube Technology ltd. has launched a football game to android.

Rush to the enemy field! Control your football player to dodge enemys. Player can take red drink and you can knock down enemy and make a boost to your player. Pick more footballs and get a higher score. Submit your score to the leader board. Challenge other players in the world!

A paid version with stages will come when users download exceeds 15,000. In stage mode, user can challenge different enemy players block in your way and to reach target field.

Supported Screen Resolutions: 320 x 480, 480 x 800, 480 x 854
Android OS: 2.1, 2.2

About SillyCube Technology Ltd.

SillyCube Technology Ltd. (www.sillycube.com) is a smart and creative Internet company founded in June 2009. We aims to create innovative mobile application.


market url: market://details?id=com.sillycube.android.Rushing